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DMG Scores Three in a Row with Dots, Domination and Disruption

Following on from its innovative work with eir and its collaboration with Rothco – which saw every black dot, including colons and full stops, in the It’s Friday magazine replaced with a pink, blue, yellow and orange alternative earlier this month – the Irish Daily Mail moved on from dots to domination by working with Volkswagen to allow the car manufacturer take all ad space in the paper last week using various creative formats to produce an impactful solus domination.

This was then followed up this week with another first which saw Volkswagen POLO run with a disruptive execution that saw it take floating half page ads on pages 3 and 4 of the newspaper and the corresponding pages in the sports section.

“We are a creative bunch at DMG and every day we strive to be the best in the business when it comes to this space. Working with exceptional advertising partners helps. This month, more than ever, we used the power of press to connect with a huge audience with real innovation…from DOTS to Disruption we utilised our platform in new and exciting ways,” says Karl Byrne, group head of sales.

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