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New Creative Brand Agency to Focus on Sports Industry

A new creative brand development agency that will focus solely on sport has been set up by three former Rothco senior staff, Emer Howard, Bobby Byrne and Steven Mangan.

The agency is called Ringers and the trio will bring their agency expertise and their passion for sport to offer creative consultancy and creative brand development to brands, athletes and sports organisations.

Between them, Howard, Byrne and Mangan, have already worked for many high-profile clients in the sports industry as well as leading sponsors of sports including the likes of PUMA, Vodafone, Heineken, O2, Rory McIlroy, the FAI and AIB.

According to Emer Howard: “We are bringing the business of creativity to the business of sport. We believe there are huge opportunities for brands to grow through their involvement in sport. And for sports people to grow through their engagement with brands. We believe athletes and teams deserve the love and expertise available to more traditional brands.”

According to Bobby Byrne: “We love the competition at the heart of sports marketing. Take the World Cup and the Olympics. As the athletes and teams compete for medals and trophies, brands compete for the hearts and minds of the audience. Banks compete with beers. Airlines compete with soft drinks. That appeals to our competitive side.  At Ringers, we’ve built a way to do what we’re good at and what we enjoy. Because we firmly believe that the best work is done by people who love what they’re doing.”

“The days of solving the same old problems with the same old ways are long gone. We’re not afraid to put skin in the game. Using the Ringers Network wisely and selecting the right talent that matches our values and meets our standards for the job allows us to keep the talent high and the overheads low,” adds Steven Mangan.

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