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Insight of the Week: Chasing the Holiday Lover

Some 9% of adults (340,000 people) in the Republic of Ireland have spent €2,625 or more on holidays for themselves and family in the past 12 months according to Kantar Media’s latest TGI report which reveals key insights into who this valuable audience of high spending holidaymakers do with their money and how they can be reached.

One would probably expect a group that spends a lot on holidays to have both access to considerable funds and to be unlikely to holiday solo and this would appear to be the case.

TGI data reveals that this group are over twice as likely as the average adult who takes holidays to earn a family income of €75,000 or more and a third more likely to be aged between their mid-40s and mid-50s.

They are also particularly likely to go on holiday with family (56% have done so in the last year) or their spouse/partner (42%).

The most popular holidays for these high spenders are beach/resort breaks (taken by 60%) and city breaks (taken by 16%). In terms of specific activities they enjoy whilst away, these include eating well (cited as most enjoyed by 56%), spending time with family (49%) and relaxing/lazing around (47%).

Mainland Spain is the most popular destination for these high holiday spenders, visited by over a fifth of them in the past year, followed by the USA (21%) and then Spain’s Canary islands (17%).

Marketers would do well to note what can prompt purchasing behaviour from this target, in order to more effectively target them. TGI data reveals they are 36% more likely than the average holidaymaker to agree they sometimes send off for goods, services and information packs seen advertised in newspapers, magazines, TV or radio. They are also 30% more likely to say they are happy to book holidays and flights from companies they have never heard of and 26% more likely to agree that celebrities influence their purchase decisions.

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