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Chemistry Creates Gogglebox-Style Campaign for Lidl

Supermarkets are packed full of family dynamics, cranky teens, demanding children, debate and rows over price and wafer thin vs regular ham. Now, the nation’s obsessions and habits are revealed in Lidl’s new ad campaign by Chemistry, which follows Irish couples, siblings and families around as they carefully – and not so carefully – negotiate their way through the weekly shop.

Chemistry’s latest ad campaign ’TrolleyCam’ allows viewers to have a nose into people’s shopping habits, choices, and of course, the rows that ensue when opinions differ over what to buy, how much to spend, and if, indeed, newborn babies really go through 70 nappies a week.

The innovative new ad campaign follows six real families around Lidl as they do their weekly shop – from a young couple expecting their first child to a mother with her two adult sons. Chemistry invested significant time and effort at the casting stage to ensure a good cross-section of the population are represented. And the results are hilarious and instantly relatable.

According to Sinead Cosgrove, Planning Director of Chemistry, “we know from trends, social media and popular culture that people love to watch what other people do – and Irish people love to see behind the scenes of other people’s lives. Now more than ever this has been the case, and Chemistry’s consumer insights have been pointing to this growing trend towards authenticity. Shows like GoggleBox and First Dates allow people to get up close and personal observing other people in ordinary, usually private, situations. We’re getting really used to watching this kind of content; and one of the most popular types of video on YouTube is the Vlog: where you as the viewer follow your favourite YouTuber as they do the school run, put on makeup, get ready to go out, and share the innermost details of their daily lives,”

She adds that the TrolleyCam campaign capitalises on this trend, and showcases a broad range of different customer types at different life-stages, from a young couple expecting their first child to an older “empty nester” couple who still shop with the extended family in mind. Lidl already commands such a strong penetration of shoppers with nearly 7 in 10 people claiming to do some, or all, of their shop in Lidl. Our campaign targets key audiences to encourage them to deepen their shop at Lidl and become full shoppers.”

According to Chemistry’s Deputy Creative Director Robert Boyle: “Every trolley tells a hundred stories. To really understand and experience this, we partnered with the award-winning Irish documentary filmmaker Ken Wardrop to film Lidl customers as they did their weekly shop. We filmed in four stores all around the country, capturing the funny moments that happen as families bicker and banter as they shop through the aisles of Lidl. We’re really proud of the result which is a really creative, funny and relatable insight into Irish life.”


Client: Lidl
Agency: Chemistry
Client Service: Dee Gunning, Audrey Farrelly, Emma Spicer
Planning Director: Sinead Cosgrove
Agency Producer: Fiona McGarry
Executive Creative Director: Mike Garner
Deputy Creative Director: Robert Boyle
Copywriter: Donal O’Higgins
Digital Strategy: Lynsey Paisley
Production Company: Antidote
Director: Ken Wardrop
Executive Producer: Andrew Freedman
Production Coordinator: Paula Stewart
Lead Researcher: Brian Raftery
Cinematographer: Roman Bugovskiy
Cinematographer: JJ Rolfe
Production Design: Joe Fallover

Post Production: Windmill Lane Studios
Editor: John O’Connor
Assistant Editor: Mark Pigott
Colourist: Matt Branton
Flame Artist: Ian Jacobs
Graphics: Shayne Murphy

Original, composed by John Hardy “Full Shop”
Copyright Title: “Hey Soul Sister”
Writers: Monahan/Bjoerklund/Lind
Rearranged by Sponge Music
Voiceover: Bob Kelly
Recording Studio: Number 4 Studios, Dublin
Sound Engineer: Mark Henry

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