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Insight of the Week: Wine Drinkers vs Lager Drinkers

beer wineWhen it comes to drinking, there is a clear difference in the motivations behind brand choice between lager drinkers and wine drinkers.

The latest data from Kantar Media’s Republic of Ireland TGI study of consumer behaviour reveals that for frequent wine drinkers (five or more bottles per month), factors relating to provenance and reputation are king when choosing their wine, highlighting the importance to marketers in this sector of building a strong, distinctive brand which acts as a byword for quality.

For this group, country of origin is the most commonly cited important consideration when choosing which brands to buy, favoured by 28% and followed by the manufacturer’s brand (26%) and recommendations from friends and family (19%).

However, when it comes to those who drink five or more pints of draught lager in a week, the key factors influencing the purchase are more practical: taste (particularly important for 54%) and price (46%).

The desire for quality amongst wine drinkers pervades their lives in a broader sense. The heavy wine drinkers are 41% more likely than the average adult (aged 18+) to often wear valuable jewellery, 50% more likely to enjoy splashing out on a meal in a restaurant and 44% more likely to admit they spend a lot of money on toiletries and cosmetics for personal use.

Those who drink at least five pints of draught lager a week take a more pragmatic approach, reflecting the motivations behind their lager choices. They are 31% more likely to say they only got to work for the money, 24% more likely to say they like to treat themselves to foods that are not good for them  and 23% more likely to just want to eat, drink and sunbathe when on holiday.

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