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002681 Rushmere Brand Collateral 6 Sheet HRThe Lowdown:

To build on the success of Rushmere in its primary catchment area, our brand campaign required results in relation to increased visits from those from secondary and tertiary audiences.

The objective of the campaign was to promote Rushmere’s key offerings among the wider geographic areas; being their late night openings, having over 65 stores and free car parking and easy access. The overarching aim was to increase awareness and attract new visits to Rushmere as our research demonstrated that once people visited the Centre, conversion rate to Rushmere being perceived as their favourite retail destination, was very high.

The campaign was led by a punchy and succinct 10 second TV commercial, which aired on Channel 4, UTV and Sky, going live in mid-March 2016. The animated, graphical solution meant that the key messages were the only focus of the commercial, whilst also keeping production as cost effective as possible. This animated approach, also meant that the treatment was more easily modified than live action footage, in terms of editing as appropriate for the likes of a Christmas specific execution.

The campaign was up-weighted by an outdoor roll out, with 6 sheets in key secondary and tertiary catchment areas. The outdoor complemented the TV commercial, with the difficult to ignore, Open (Late Nights), Free (Parking), Over (65 stores), creative which demanded people’s attention.

In addition, the campaign was rolled out both on mall POS and online, in regards to both Rushmere’s Facebook and website pages, to ensure a cohesiveness to the campaign.


Client: Martin Walsh & Linda Martin
Account Manager: Rebecca Rodgers
Creative Director/ Copywriter: Paul Bowen and Chris Lyttle
Lead Digital Designer: Nicola McNair
Graphic Designer: Chris Lyttle
Senior Art Director: Paul Bowen
Production House: Picturehouse
VO Artist: Aisling Sands

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