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SuperValu Holds on to Market Share With Tesco Hot in Pursuit

SuperValuSuperValu has held on to its poll position in the Irish retail market with a share of 25% according to the latest Kantar Worldpanel figures for the Irish market.

However both Tesco and Dunnes Stores continue to grow their share of the market with Tesco’s market share hitting 24.2% while Dunnes Stores weighed in with a share of 24.1%.

Meanwhile, the discount retailers Aldi and Lidl, continue to increase their share of a market that grew by around 3% during the period. The biggest growth came from Lidl, which saw its market share increase by 10.6% to hit 8.1%, the exact same as rival Aldi, which also reported a market share of 8.1%.

According to David Berry, director at Kantar Worldpanel: “Over the past twelve months we have seen a gradual increase in the level of price inflation, increasing from slight deflation of -0.1% in March 2015 to inflation of 2.6% in the past 12 weeks.  Interestingly shoppers don’t seem deterred by rising prices, increasing their spending well ahead of the rate of inflation.

“There are signs that the Irish public may be sticking to their new year’s resolutions, with healthy foods performing well ahead of the market.  Sales of fresh fish increased by 13% in the past 12 weeks, while fruit saw an 11% boost and sales of nuts have increased by 17% compared with last year.  However, we’re still looking to treat ourselves too – sales of chocolate confectionary were up 14% this quarter, while ice cream saw a 13% sales increase compared to the same period last year.”

Among the major retailers, he says that Dunnes’ recent run of success continues with sales 7% higher than last year – an increase of almost €3 million per week across the quarter.  “Bigger baskets remain the primary driver of growth for Dunnes, with the average shopping trip now coming to €37.60, almost €2.50 higher than last year.”

Meanwhile SuperValu has grown slightly ahead of the market, increasing sales by 3.7%.  This has boosted the retailer’s market share to 25.0%, reaffirming its position as the number one supermarket in Ireland.”

Tesco remains in second place, capturing 24.2% of grocery spend and increasing sales by 0.6% year on year.  “This is the third successive period of growth for Tesco and has been driven by more frequent visits – each shopper visited the retailer 14 times on average over the past quarter compared with 13 visits last year,” says Berry.

“Elsewhere, Lidl’s double digit growth continues, improving their market share by half a percentage point.  Over 66% of Irish households shopped in a Lidl store in the past 12 weeks, compared with less than 60% five years ago.  Aldi’s growth is more modest but remains impressive, with larger shopping trips increasing sales by 3.0%,” he says.

According to Kantar Worldpanel, inflation in the grocery market stood at 2.6% for the 12 week period ending 28 February 2016, up from 2.4% during the last period.

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