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IN&M Teams up with Volvo’s LifePaint in New Native Ad Format

indo-1Independent News & Media has teamed up with Volvo to create a new experiential multimedia native advertising format that combines content, images and video and is, according to the group, the first of its kind in the Irish market. It is available cross-platform and “takes all brand story telling elements and elevates them to a richer, more engaging format.”

An in-house collaboration between INM’s content development business, StoryPlus and Volvo , the format tells the story of Volvo’s LifePaint, which won two Grand Prix awards at the Cannes Lions Awards in 2015.

Developed by the creative agency Grey London and produced in partnership with Swedish start-up Albedo100, LifePaint is a unique reflective safety paint which is invisible by daylight, but in the dark reflects light in the same direction as the light source, shining brightly to illuminate the objects it has been sprayed on. The spray paint can be used on helmets, backpacks and clothing. It is invisible by day but at night, it lights up under car headlights, making cyclists and pedestrians much more visible to drivers.

The campaign is part of Volvo’s Vision 2020 and its wider road safety initiatives which stipulate that nobody should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020.

According to Karen Preston, group advertisement director at Independent News & Media: “The Multimedia Native format is a result of a great collaboration between various departments within INM. Being the first of its kind in the Irish market, we believe that our new multimedia format will pave the way in online advertising and can be used to elevate brand messages and ultimately target consumers in an engaging and interactive manner.”

To see the format click HERE


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