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TG4 1916

100Sceal_48SheetThe Lowdown:

100 years ago, Ireland was under British rule.

On Easter week 1916, Rebels famously fought for Ireland’s freedom, and it came to a head in the General Post Office Dublin.

As a result of this monumental rebellion, with some compromise, Ireland won independence and Ireland’s fate was changed forever.

This print piece from TG4 uses the symbol of a rifle shot & smoke to tell the story of how Ireland was born and shaped from that fateful Easter in 1916.

Tune into Gaelic language TV station, TG4 for documentaries every Tuesday to learn more.


Creative Director Carol Lambert
Copywriter: Luke O’Reilly
Art Director: Neil Hanratty
Account Director: Rebecca Clarke
Retouching: Un Mariachi
Client: Padraic O’Raighne

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