High rise 96 sheet

High rise 96 sheetHaving been announced as the new sponsor of the Dublin International Film Festival, Audi tasked us with creating a campaign to drive awareness of their new position. Audi’s predecessor ran numerous high profile campaigns around DIFF so our role was to ensure people knew that a new sponsor had taken over the festival.

Titling the festival ADIFF (Audi Dublin International Film Festival) allowed us to use the title as a play on words juxtaposed onto scenes from various films participating in the festival. The line we landed on, “ADIFFerent Film Experience” helped convey the key message that there is a new sponsor for the festival, as well playing on the fact that many of the films aren’t summer blockbusters, something that is important to those who attend in their thousands each year.

The campaign has been very successful with people picking up on the new name in a very short period of time.


Creative Director: Stephen Quinn
Copywriter: Frances O’Rourke
Art Director: Stephen Kiernan
Design: Andrew Duffy/Eammon Hall
Account Director: Conor Walsh
Account Manager: Liz Salisbury

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