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    The 4 Cs: Tv ad – Chill – McCannBlue

    This week saw the launch of safefood’s latest campaign with McCannBlue, this time for Food Safety. The suite of ads highlight the everyday risks posed by the 4 C’s – Cook, Clean, Chill, Cross-Contamination – and how simple mistakes or lapses of concentration can be costly to health.

    This first phase of the campaign targets the over 65’s, due to the fact that their immune systems aren’t as strong as they used to be, and the germs they may have been able to cope with when they were younger could now make them seriously ill.

    Dermot Moriarty, Acting Director of Marketing and Communications at safefood explains;
    ““Communicating what is well-known food safety advice can be a challenge and McCannBlue needed to ensure this was done in a way that overcame the audience’s apathy or complacency.

    So their solution was, in effect, for the characters to say it to themselves. We’re delighted with this clever and engaging solution that tested really well amongst the target audience”.
    McCann Blue’s Strategic Director, Susan Kelly continued; “Because they’ve ‘been getting away with it’ up until now, many over 65’s take what seem like harmless shortcuts and chances when it comes to handling food, even though they kind of know it’s wrong. This was the insight we drew upon, bringing to life the inner monologue or debate one has with one’s self when faced with certain Food Safety decisions in the kitchen”.

    This audience is one best reached through traditional channels so the campaign runs across a traditional mix of TV, radio and outdoor.

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