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Advertisers to Get Tough on Ad Blocking

Barry Dooley, CEO of the AAI 

Brands and advertisers are stepping up their efforts to combat the growing problem of ad-blocking.

The World Federation of Advertisers, to which the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI) is affiliated, has issued a statement expressing its concern about the growing problem and calls on the industry to move to a more sustainable system.

According to Barry Dooley, CEO of the AAI, “the Association of Advertisers in Ireland’s remit covers all media communications and with the fragmented, convergent media landscape, our role is more important than ever.  AAI is a member of the WFA and together we fight unacceptable trading practices, drive robust media measurement, transparency and define advertiser policy”.

According to the World Federation of Advertisers, “advertising is ultimately the responsibility of the brand. It is therefore incumbent upon brands to lead the industry as we move to a more sustainable ecosystem, an ecosystem which must, in all respects, be more reflective of the importance which brands place on building and maintaining trust with the consumer. And so, as the international body for brand marketers, we challenge the entire marketing supply chain to demonstrate that they are putting the consumer at the heart of what they do and to be accountable to brands in the shaping of an online environment which enhances, rather than harms, the consumer experience.

According to the Federation, “ad blocking is a global disruptor and so it is not sufficient that these solutions be applied solely in a single country or across a single region. As such, WFA will pursue a global plan, which leverages the expertise and scale of the brands and national associations we represent around the world. We firmly believe that advertising has a place in the future of the online world, delivering relevant and engaging campaigns, whilst supporting the growth of innovative technologies and the creation of quality editorial content. Collectively, and with people placed firmly at the heart of marketing, we intend to embrace that future.”

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