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Insight of the Week: Healthy Eating


Health and nutrition has become increasingly prominent in the media with the boom of reality television shows about weight loss and dieting, as well as intensified debates around sugar, fat and salt content in foods. And then there is the recent controversial report from the World Health Organisation on the links between cancer and certain foods.

The latest Kantar Media TGI Ireland data gives marketers a deeper insight into the habits, motivations and attitudes of ‘healthy foodies’ and it shows that 63% of Irish adults say they are eating more healthy food than they have in the past, a figure that has increased from 59% just two years prior. Similarly, 27% of Irish adults claim to always look for the diet or light versions of food and drink, whilst 37% agree that most of the time they are trying to lose weight.

TGI’s FMCG Archetypes reveal that most of these health conscious adults who are eating more healthily than they did in the past are ‘Quality Crusaders’, driven by superior quality and happy to pay a premium for it. Their average weekly spend on groceries is €178

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