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NNI Rebrands as NewsBrands Ireland

Vincent Crowley – the chairman of NewsBrands Ireland

National Newspapers of Ireland has rebranded as NewsBrands Ireland to reflect the increasing role digital is playing in the media industry.The industry’s new identity, including a new logo, website and key new personnel, was launched last night (April 30th) in Dublin.

According to Vincent Crowley, the chairman of NewsBrands Ireland the rebranding process was an initiative that would assist in better promoting the Irish newspaper industry. “We live in a changing world and it was time that our identity reflected the new reality of newspaper publishing and news delivery,” said Mr Crowley. “We are no longer newspaper publishers in the traditional sense but owners of news media brands, both print and online. “For a lot of people the name ‘newspaper’ still means the printed title that is purchased every morning, but for a new generation of readers we exist mainly in the digital sphere,” Crowley said. “Our new name reflects this dual existence and our activity over the coming years will reflect that as well.”

According to Dara McMahon, co-ordinating director of NewsBrands Ireland, a review of the efficacy of the current JNRS readership survey is also underway. “A review of JNRS has been on our radar for a while now, and I think both agencies and advertisers alike would welcome such a review. We have already started that process by talking to media agencies about their perspectives on JNRS. We particularly want to get the views of media planners and strategists so that we can, in effect, ensure the readership survey will give them the necessary ammunition they need to recommend and incorporate our news brands in their clients’ media strategies.”

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