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Budweiser First to Use dPods in Train Stations

Budweiser’s latest ooh campaign includes a media first as it is the first campaign to run on Commuter Squares and Commuter dPods at Irish Rail and DART stations. These new formats have been placed in key areas at stations to enhance the visibility and audience awareness of ooh campaigns.

As part of Exterion Media’s advertising contract with CIÉ, the media owner is working on development projects that will see the launch of innovative traditional and digital media formats, such as the Commuter Squares and dPods. The initial wave of stations where the new formats have been installed include Heuston, Connolly, Tara St, Malahide, and Dun Laoghaire. The new formats will also be installed in Galway Station, Limerick Station and Kent Station in Cork, as well as Busáras, Parnell and Waterford bus stations.

Budweiser’s Dream Job campaign includes a competition to win a €50,000 cash prize to go towards the pursuit of your dream job. Budweiser are asking entrants to enter their competition via Budweiser Ireland Facebook and telling the judges what their dream job is and why they feel passionate about it. Applications will be accepted until February 4, 2015.

As 20-somethings are a strong target audience for the Budweiser campaign, transit and roadside ooh advertising are important for targeting this age group. Planned by Carat and Source out of home, the Budweiser campaign is running on Golden Squares, Europanels, A1s in pubs, 48 Sheets, 6 Sheets, Metropoles and Luas Portrait Panels, as well as Commuter Squares and dPods.

TGI ROI 2014 research reveals that 22% of males and 21% of females, aged 18-34 and living in the Dublin area, have seen outdoor advertising at DART stops and stations in the last week. Therefore the new commuter formats included in this promotion strongly complement the overall ooh campaign.

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