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RTÉ Digital Hosts “Media First” for Netflix Ad

RTÉ Digital, Netflix, MEC Ireland and Sizmek have launched a new “Breakout” ad format in what is a media first in Ireland for the popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

The concept for the breakout originated in RTÉ Digital, following consultation with MEC Ireland – Netflix’s media agency-  to develop an ad that would provide a “wow-factor” for audiences, and cut-through to promote series two of the hit drama.

“This innovation, which can be totally customised, provides an immediate high-impact brand statement and instantly engages the audience”, said David Fogarty, RTÉ Digital Commercial Coordinator & Ad Operations Team Lead. “This format, which provides a strong visual differentiation around the brand and provides an immersive experience for the audience while at the same time driving a higher level of brand-recall as a result”.

“Innovative ad formats and media firsts offer a wealth of possibilities for the advertiser, whether creating an immersive in-page ad experience, or putting the user in control, these new ad formats are providing cut-through in a busy advertising environment”, said Aoife Moran, Head of Interaction at MEC Ireland.

“Innovative digital video opens up the world of opportunity for brands such as OITNB to benefit from top line brand lift,” says Deann Harvey, VP Sales EMEA at, Sizmek. “Sizmek benchmarks recently revealed that interactive video has proven to be an effective engagement vehicle for advertisers and brands globally due to its ability to both engage audiences and track the consumer’s experience through a variety of video-specific metrics.”

The “Breakout” is an in-stream linear ad format that plays on VPAID-compliant video players and expands an overlay over the publisher’s video player. The overlay can expand automatically or can expand upon user interaction. In addition the overlay creates a new element over the publisher’s video player and can be any size the user defines, as long as it meets the publisher’s specs. The ad can play before, after, and during the commercial break between publisher content. The possibilities to add enhancements to enrich interactivity and customise the ad are endless.

You can view the ad HERE

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