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Wannabe Pundits Blag for Heineken

Brent Pope puts Dubliners to the test in hilarious new Heineken video

Heineken Ok, so Leinster, Munster or Ulster may not be playing in tomorrow’s Heineken Cup Final in Cardiff but that hasn’t stopped Irish rugby fans testing their skills as wannabe rugby pundits.

As the Heineken Cup competition as we know it reaches its last outing – it is being  replaced by the European Champions Cup from 2015 onwards – the popular lager brand is determined to get one last squeeze of the marketing sponge with “The Blag”, a video which was created as part of its Get in the Game campaign.

With the help of rugby pundit Brent Pope, The Blag puts unsuspecting people to the test by encouraging them to blag their way through a ‘live’ television interview by pretending to be an international rugby expert.

The video shows just how far people will go to think on their feet when put to the test in the unlikeliest of circumstances. Assured that all they have to do is ‘stand there’ while Brent Pope does the rest, the unsuspecting ‘experts’ are suddenly faced with a series of questions in front of what they think is a live global television audience.

Karl Donnelly, senior sponsorship manager with Heineken, says “We all know that the Irish are capable of blagging their way through most situations… what we did not anticipate, however, was just how far they would go when challenged to fill in for an international rugby expert on live television! The results are both hilarious and really impressive.”

Last month Heineken also launched ‘Heineken Deeper,’ a game which also challenges rugby fans to think on their feet when searching for team references hidden within the hugely successful Heineken Cup television advert, The Kick, which was created by Dublin agency Rothco.

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