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Irish Urbanites Love their Smartphones

Ryan Hoy, Carys Magill and Nuala Meenehan – workshopplay  

Some 79% of Irish urbanites have pretended to be on their phone in order to avoid somebody while 75% of them treat their phones like a partner they can’t live without according to a new survey from Work.Shop.Play.ie, the online urban community that was set up by Exterion Media to study the behaviours and opinions of urbanites across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The results of the first survey have revealed some other interesting characteristics among local urbanites, particularly in terms of younger demographics. Some 22% of local urbanites have finished a relationship by text message. Not surprisingly the vast majority of urbanites who cannot end a relationship in person are aged 16-34 (31%) while 56% admitted to having accidentally sent an inappropriate text message to the wrong person.

Work.shop.play’s online community is aimed at gathering insights into the attitudes and behaviours of urbanites in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. It was launched earlier this year by Exterion Media and some 66% of members live in Ireland with the remainder in Northern Ireland.  Members are very active on social networks with Facebook the most popular (85%), followed by Twitter (53%) and LinkedIn (37%). LinkedIn is most popular amongst members in the 25-45 age group (81%). Pinterest (81%) and Instagram (68%) are more popular among female members according to the survey.

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