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Trócaire Launches First Interactive Story Online

Mediaworks, together with Publicis Dublin and Irishtimes.com have created the first interactive article of its kind to be published in the Irish market.

The article tells the compelling and engaging story of ‘The Water Carriers of Malawi’, a key focus for Trócaire’s Lent campaign this year. Hosted on Irishtimes.com, the article presents readers with the power to make a difference and change the outcome of the story as they read.

The story centres on Enestina and her village in Malawi, where access to clean running water is non-existent.  Each part of the article allows the reader to change the story and gives them the decision to help make a difference or to see the cycle of poverty continue.

According to Gemma Walsh of Mediaworks, “achieving cut through in an engaging way is always a challenge. Partnering with Publicis Dublin and Irishtimes.com to get a new initiative in the market over the line proved very successful. By allowing the reader to interact with the story and change the outcome increased above average dwell time as well as giving them a compelling reason to consider Trócaire and share the story”.

“Digital interactivity of this kind really helped to highlight the work that we carry out with our supporters’ help. We hope that by bringing the Lent campaign story to life and empowering readers to make a difference, will engage and create Trócaire advocates. We sometimes forget the struggle others have in accessing basic human rights such as water in some developing countries. This new initiative really helped Trócaire to illustrate this plight,adds Catrina Sheridan, Fundraising and Marketing Director, Trócaire.

You can read the story here.

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