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i-Believe Launches New Local Digital Offering

Dermot O’Reilly, Director of i-Believe 

Digital sales agency i-Believe has launched a new digital advertising proposition that pulls together a large number of local and provincial websites to offer better targeting and audience segmentation to advertisers.

Dermot O’Reilly, director of i-Believe said: “Through our own experience of running campaigns at city, county and provincial levels, we have seen the results that can be produced for advertisers. Local sites have a trust, relevance and authenticity which helps them resonate more closely with their local audiences. It’s a connection that some national media have historically struggled to create”.

“There are few true national media brands. Most are national in name, circulation or transmission area only, yet tend to have a customer base which is more heavily skewed towards one province or city. We truly believe in the idea that there is no such thing as a national consumer, just lots of local ones. By knitting together a number of leading city, county and provincial publishers, we can create a genuine national footprint, whilst offering a more effective advertising channel. ThisisLocal allows advertisers to engage discrete geographical audiences in the right context, up and down the country with a net monthly reach of over 900,000 individuals.

“We have seen a growing demand from national advertisers to switch to more localised media channels and promote more locally relevant messages. We devised ThisisLocal with them in mind. Many advertisers in competitive sectors such as grocery, financial services, telecoms and home services are seeking out advantage. These companies understand that local media brands are best placed to deliver their messages in a more meaningful and locally sensitive way. This is the first time there has been a concentrated effort of this magnitude to create dedicated mobile and desktop channels to reach local audiences nationwide,” he says.

For more information visit www.thisislocal.ie.


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