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McCannBlue Picks up WeightWatchers

McCannBlue has picked up the creative account for WeightWatchers in Ireland while UM will handle the media.

WeightWatchers has asked the agency to deliver a strategic communications plan to improve its acquisition strategy for the WeightWatchers brand in Ireland. WeightWatchers is an Irish owned franchise and runs nearly 1,000 weekly classes throughout the 32 counties.

According to McCann Blue’s CEO, Orlaith Blaney, “WeightWatchers is an excellent brand that supports those who want to lose weight and demonstrates that the equation really is simple. Eat smarter, move more and you’ll lose weight. We addressed their requirements to build a long term strategy for the brand by seeking to really understand the journey from the first time you think about losing weight right through to what will encourage you to actually take action to attend a class . This led to a really innovative plan which addresses the core brand truth and benefit: ‘WeightWatchers- Because it works’. We then go about proving this at every part of the communications approach. We directly address the barriers and excuses we all make before taking action to lose weight so that we could optimise acquisition right through from when you search online to what you see and hear on the WeightWatchers website and then what actually happens in WeightWatchers classes themselves.”

“We are so excited to be working with McCannBlue a global cutting edge agency to deliver a fresh look and feel to the trusted Weight Watchers brand and ethos. Over the last 50 years Weight Watchers has continuously evolved and adapted to an ever-changing environment to educate, support and inspire others to lose weight and make lasting lifestyle changes,” says Margaret Burke, marketing manager at WeightWatchers.

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