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Marketing Makes a Big Comeback Says Survey

Sandra Lawler, Managing Director of Alternatives

After a number of difficult years, marketing departments throughout are being beefed up and new marketing talent is much in demand according to a new salary survey by recruitment specialists Alternatives.

“Foreign direct investment companies, financial services (banking and insurance), FMCG, telecommunications and utilities are hiring marketing talent at a pace we haven’t seen in quite a while and the rewards offered reflect a keenness by business to hire the best,” says Sandra Lawler, managing director of Alternatives.

“The most in demand skills are in digital, communications, brand management, insight and analytics,” she adds. “Our research indicates that companies are growing their marketing teams, with opportunities mostly at mid-management level. Salaries remain stable compared to last year with increases only in areas where specialist skill sets are in demand. Performance related bonuses are still on offer, but benefits packages have tightened up with pensions in particular taking a hit.

“What’s even more encouraging is the pronounced increase in activity within the marketing community in terms of movement across all industries and levels. Spanning senior marketing directors and mid-level management to interim marketers and consultants, talent is on the move – a sure sign of confidence returning to the market. We’re hopeful of this continuing for the rest of the year as marketers look onwards and upwards to both planning – and taking – their next career step.”

According to Lawler salaries have remained fairly stable versus last year. However, they have increased and remain competitive in areas where specialist skill sets are in high demand. Typically these are digital, loyalty, data analytics, insights and proposition development. Performance related bonuses are on offer in most cases, with banking being the clear exception to the rule, she adds.

She also points out that overall benefits packages on offer are tighter. New employees are being offered less attractive benefits packages with pensions in particular being impacted. Cars are offered only for the most senior marketing roles and in most cases car allowances are offered. Health insurance is offered for approximately four in ten permanent roles. “Indeed it is the benefit packages rather than salaries that act as a deterrent in many cases to a move, particularly for senior candidates,” she says.

According to the survey, the FMCG & Drinks sector is the most active when it comes to new hires. Although there continues to be a demand for local Irish market knowledge, those with experience in other European as well as wider international markets are highly sought after. Skill sets in demand continue to be innovation & NPD, category management, as well as traditional brand management.

To see the full salary survey from Altenatives click HERE

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