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Newspapers Continue to Lose Circulation

The latest batch of ABC figures for the national newspapers once again highlight the pressures they face as readers continue to migrate online.

Overall, daily sales declined by 6% across the board in the first half of the year while Sunday sales were down by 7% according to the ABC.

Of the dailies, the Irish Independent remained the biggest selling daily with 121,120 for the six months although this was down 3.9% on the corresponding period in 2012 and by 2.3% on the figure reported for the end of December 2012. The Irish Times, meanwhile, ended the period with a circulation of 84,201 for the first six months. This was down by 4.7% on the figure at the end of December 2012 and 9% on the comparable figure for the first six months of the year.

Figures for the Irish Examiner, meanwhile, show that circulation was down by  4.2% on the December figure and by 5.8% year-on-year. Elsewhere the Herald was down by 4.3% while the Irish Daily Star’s circulation in the Republic of Ireland was down by 12.3% to 60,707. The Irish Daily Mirror and the Irish Sun also saw an erosion in circulation, dropping by 5% and 10% respectively, to end up with average daily sales of 54,550 and 60,707 at the end of June 2013.

The news was better for the Irish Daily Mail which saw a 3.5% increase on its year-on-year figure although circulation, at 50,680, was flat when compared to the December 2012 figure.

In the cut-throat Sunday market, the Irish Independent remains the biggest selling newspaper in the country with a circulation of 232,494, a 2.6% drop on the comparable figure for 2012. Meanwhile, its stablemate the Sunday World,  weighed in with a circulation of 211,161, a drop of 6.9% on the comparable figure for 2012. Elsewhere the Sunday Business Post witnessed a 6.7% drop in circulation to 38,293 copies a week while the Sunday Times saw a drop of 7.3% in circulation to 98,328 copies a week.

The latest batch of ABC figures also show that the Irish Farmers Journal continued to grow by registering a 1.1% increase in circulation to hit 70,853 at the end of June 2013 while the Metro Herald turned in a solid set of figures with an average daily circulation figure of 59,255.

Next week, all eyes will be on the latest batch of figures from the JNRS and a full report and  analysis of both the latest ABC and JNRS figures will be published in the September issue of IMJ.

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