Home Marketing Guru Gary Brown Offers Free Advice to SMEs Hit by Covid-19

Marketing Guru Gary Brown Offers Free Advice to SMEs Hit by Covid-19

Gary Brown, one of the country’s top marketing experts, is offering SMEs and their owners that might be struggling from the Covid-19 fallout, a free consultation which will address some of the key challenges they might be facing.

Brown is an internationally-acclaimed mentor and advisor and is currently chairman of the Dublin-based creative agency JWT Folk.

“With lots of SMEs struggling to stay afloat or indeed shutting down while we tackle this virus, it might be a good time to review, reflect and refocus on your business. If we have time out, we can begin to re-configure our business, methods, plans and strategies. We can review what has worked for us and what has not as well as looking at our target audiences, our positioning our messages,” says Brown.

“So, in order to try and help some SMEs out there, I am volunteering to help- free of charge. With a successful business career in all things advertising and marketing, over 35 years now, I have been through tough times and recessions, so perhaps I can help, give advice in some way,” he adds.

SMEs with less than 20 employees can contact Brown with a one page brief containing the following information:  Business name, website address, type of business, information on the products and services on offer, the target audience/customers and what the company has done in the past that has worked and not worked. In addition, applicants should identify the challenge that they think that Brown can help with them with.

To contact Gary Brown, email gary.brown@jwtfolk.ie and he will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.