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Javelin Launches Campaign to Promote Responsible Dog Ownership

Javelin has created a new campaign for the Department of Rural and Community Development to raise awareness about responsible dog ownership.

The campaign will run for its initial launch phase until the end of May across radio, press, digital and social platforms.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and remind dog owners of their responsibilities – that they must always have their dog under control.

Centred around the fact that even the most seemingly lovable dogs can attack – both humans and livestock, the campaign entitled ‘It’s not your dogs fault, it’s yours’ urges dog owners to recognise this and control their dogs. Addressing dog owners directly, it states “Your dog is your responsibility”.

The campaign highlights two issues where rising numbers of attacks have been noted: dogs not being under supervision in urban areas such as housing estates where children play, leading to bites and attacks on children and dogs chasing and/or attacking livestock, particularly sheep.

“In Javelin we have many keen dog enthusiasts, so it was great to be involved in this important work. While dogs clearly enhance our lives, dog ownership also involves both commitment and responsibility and we set out to land that message as clearly as possible,” says Ken Ivory, Javelin.

The campaign was launched by Minister Heather Humphreys. “Being a dog owner is a privilege, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities,” the Minister says.
“We have seen far too many devastating attacks by dogs on people, especially young children, in recent times. I know the majority of dog owners are responsible and do the right thing. But we can all be guilty of thinking our dog wouldn’t hurt a fly. No matter how harmless a dog might seem they can be capable of causing a lot of damage. Ultimately, as the campaign says: it’s not your dog’s fault, it’s yours. Dog owners must make sure their dog is under control at all times, not running wild endangering people, livestock or other dogs. I want this campaign to make people think twice about letting their dog loose and uncontrolled,” she adds.


Client: Department of Rural and Community Development: Mark Ryan, Michelle Casserly, Céimin Burke
Agency: Javelin
Agency Director: Ken Ivory
Senior Copywriter: Des Kavanagh
Senior Art Director: Clayton Homer
Senior Account Director: Sarah-Lee Saunders
Strategic Planning Director: Yusuf Karimjee
Creative Directors: Adrian Cosgrove, Cathal O’Flaherty
Head of Studio: Katie Dobbin
Producer/Production Company: Ian Sorenson & Nick Ryan – Titan II
Media Agency: PHD

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