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Just Eat Goes As Gaelige for Seachtain na Gaeilge

As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge, the online delivery platform Just Eat rolled out a multi-platform  campaign to celebrate Irish cultural moments “as Gaeilge”.

Developed by McCann, the campaign included a brand-new version of its ‘Did Somebody Say’  (‘An ndúirt duine éigin’) track in Irish which rolled out across TV, Video on Demand (VOD) and radio.

According to Just Eat, the campaign was in “response to an increasing popularity amongst the public to learn more of the Irish language, particularly amongst the platform’s target audience of 18-24 year olds*.

The campaign also took  several Irish classic foods and gave them brand new meaning as Gaeilge. Ireland’s iconic chicken fillet roll has been fondly referred to as the ‘Grá mo chroí‘ (Love of my heart), local food favourite, the spice bag, has been aptly titled as the ‘Spíosra na beatha’ (Spice of life).In addition, a  selection of the nation’s favourite dishes are not the only items available to order on Just Eat that have been given a fun Irish translation. Taking inspiration from Tik Tok viral trend, ‘Girl Dinner’,  Just Eat created its own take on the ‘Dinnéar an chailín’, like cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and a bar of chocolate, along with other grocery snacks such as popcorn, crisps and sweets, giving you the perfect excuse for a Lá sa Leaba’ (Duvet Day).

While ‘An ndúirt duine éigin Just Eat’ plays out on TV, VOD, and radio, these brand-new Irish translations developed by Core are front and centre of a multimedia channel creative. Coinciding with the launch of the campaign, Just Eat is also running a free delivery promotion with several of its Irish restaurant and grocery retail partners, including Supermac’s, Abrakebabra, Boojum, Chimac and Centra.

According to John Carey, head of marketing at Just Eat Ireland: ‘It is great to see so many people in Ireland embrace the national language more, and we wanted to create a campaign to celebrate that. With our audience making it clear that they want a ‘cúpla focail’ more in their vocabulary, we’re delighted to give them a few more occasions (and excuses!) to consider ordering from Just Eat, as Gaeilge. These new phrases are brought to life in our brand-new creative, which immortalises Just Eat’s ‘Did Somebody Say’ track in Ireland’s native tongue. Maybe, you’ll always be singing the track that way, from now on!’

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