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Jim Power & Chris Johns to Discuss ‘The Year of the Vote’ on AAI Toolkit Webinar

(L-R) Jim Power and Chris Johns

With 2024 set to be a monumental year for voters and the democratic process around the world, the possible fall-out and reverberations from elections around the world will have a significant impact on the lives of millions of people. With this in mind,  the popular podcasting duo of Jim Power and Chris Johns will be on hand to discuss “2024: The Year of the Vote” at the next AAI Toolkit webinar which will take place on Tuesday, February 24.

Power and Johns host the popular podcast The Other Hand and will discuss a wide range of topics that are likely to take centre stage in what is going to be a very busy year in the geopolitical world with no fewer than 76 states having elections of one kind or another during 2024. According to Power and Johns, a lot of those elections could be very consequential particularly in Taiwan, the EU and the USA with likely reverberations around the world as a result.

The webinar is free to attend but registration is required. For more information click HERE

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