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Core Research Finds that 40% of Adults are Considering a New Life Direction in 2024

Finian Murphy

Some 68% of Irish adults intend to exercise daily, 47% are interested in working from home and 60% want to see a General Election called this year, according to PREDICT 24, the latest piece of market research published by Core Research.

The research, which is based on interviews with 1,000 adults, focuses on 36 micro behaviours and 24 macro events for 2024 and covers topics ranging from climate change, the economy, , ecommerce and culture.

According to Core’s marketing director and PREDICT 24 editor, Finian Murphy: “PREDICT 24 has revealed a number of fascinating themes in terms of consumer expectations, from climate to culture, the research highlights the areas which organisations need to respond to. These public hopes and predictions ultimately shape market demand and we will continue to track the changing behaviours within various markets.”

According to PREDICT 24, the first behavioural group are called “Wellness Winners” or people who are interested in spending less time at work, and a having a healthy lifestyle. “The intentions of this group will result in brands having to provide healthier options to consumers and employers providing flexible and remote working arrangements,” notes Core. According to the research, 68% of adults intend to exercise daily, 76% plan to spend more time outdoors (e.g. forest walks, beaches, natural surroundings) while 60% would like to travel abroad in 2024.

A second cohort, which Core has dubbed “Virtual Vanguards” and they represent a “group of technology adopters, using digital tools throughout their life,” according to Core. Of this group, 47% are interested in working remotely or from home, 48% intend to shop online, more than going in store for non-food items while 26% plan to use (AI) Artificial Intelligence ChatBots in their everyday life.

The third group of consumers, which Core has identified,  are the “Meticulous Mindsets” and are focused on ensuring they get the best value. “This behavioural group invests time on decision making and engages in a lot of research before deciding on a brand. Therefore, brands need to be trusted and transparent in their communications,” Core says. Of this group, 64% expect to research brands online more in 2024,  55% predict they will have to fact check information that is online, on social media or in group chats in 2024 while 71% expect to check emails or text messages more to ensure they are not scams or fraud.

The fourth cohort, the “Culture Changers”,  represents people who are culturally connected and focused on “bringing about change” in society. “This group is environmentally conscious and is willing to advocate on social issues that are important to them. “Organisations need to listen to this group of change makers,” Core urges.

Some 45% of the Culture Changers “want to meet new people or attend group events with a common purpose” while 51% plan to “speak about or look for change on issues that are important.” In addition, 39% plan to listen to more Irish musicians while 24% want to speak or practice more Irish.

In terms of the bigger macro moments that society faces in 2024, the Core research found that 60% want an Irish General Election to occur in 2024 and the most believe that this will happen. However, 63% do not want the European elections resulting in a more conservative parliament while 39% have an interest in a “left-leaning” Government coalition being formed.  When it came to one of the burning issues of the day – the lack of affordable and social housing- 70% said they have an interest in Ireland addressing social and affordable housing, but less than half (35%) believe that this will occur.

Naomi Staff Takes Over as MD of Core Research
Naomi Staff

Speaking about the publication of PREDICT 24, Naomi Staff, managing director, Core Research says: “In recent months when Core Research publish the Credit Union Consumer Sentiment Index, we have seen some marginal growth in consumer confidence. However, it is important to understand the broader context that shapes this economic barometer. With PREDICT 24 we gain valuable insights into the diverse aspects of Irish society. We look forward to exploring and tracking these themes throughout the year.”

To download a full copy of PREDICT 24 click HERE

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