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Out \ Look: Giving the kids the “Vit” they need

Aaron Poole, marketing executive, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home

Irish drinks company VITHIT are looking to start the juice drinkers of Ireland on the right foot for 2024 with a new campaign showcasing their healthier VITHIT KIDS Juicy Drink varieties.

Targeting younger drinks consumers, the VITHIT KIDS range is flavoured with natural stevia, containing 75% less sugar than a standard juice drink and include nine added vitamins to keep the little ones healthy and hydrated.

Planned by PML, the brand’s Outdoor campaign kicks off 2024 with attention grabbing creative across high impact classic and digital formats including dPods, Bus Shelters, backlit 48 Sheets, DX Screens and Vinyl Lift Doors across Dundrum and Swords Pavilions Shopping Centres.

Copy featuring three variants of juice – Kool Apple Kiwi, Berry Apple Boom Boom and Tropical Twister – are displayed showcasing their use of all natural ingredients and low-calorie content in an attention-grabbing manner.

Founder Gary Lavin has previously said noted VITHIT is now the sixth biggest-selling drink in Ireland, outselling well-known health brands in the product category. The campaign comes after a strong end to 2023 for the juice alternative, where it was a finalist for The Grocer’s New Product Award.

“We decided to utilise OOH advertising to spread awareness of our low sugar messaging as part of the launch of VITHIT KIDS,” notes Alison Keane, Assistant Brand Manager at VITHIT, “PML Group made the entire process so seamless as our partners in this endeavour. The team were professional and attentive and brought a collaborative approach to this project. We are thrilled with how this campaign has run!”

Consumers more likely to engage in out of home activities in 2024

As the calendar page turns to 2024, the new year brings new change for the majority of Irish consumers. A December study from PTSB noted more than 80% of people had a new year’s resolution in mind, with commitments on losing weight, getting fit/improving diet, and financial management all being prioritised for 2024.

Our latest iQ study, conducted with Ipsos B&A, sets out to identify consumer sentiment for the year ahead for those aged 16-54. In this first instalment, we look at their likeliness to engage in activities relating to out of home, health and wellbeing.

Out of Home Activities

The survey highlighted a desire to for more connection while out of home in 2024, whether this be through socialising, shared experiences or for entertainment.

83% noted as looking forward to more frequent gatherings with friends. This was steady across 16-44s, all coming in at 85% agreeance, while 45-54s come in at 75%. This aligns with our recent MIND research which noted consumers are in a positive mindset in social settings, being more happy,  relaxed and more receptive when they are hanging out with friends and socialising.

Meanwhile over 70% of 16-44s noted an ambition to chase more live experiences by going and see more live music and concerts, notably high in the male demographic at 80% and 16-24s at 48%. For film buffs, a pivot looks to be made to experience movies in a more grand setting with 69% noted their intention to go to the cinema more, peaking above 70% for 16-24s and 35-44s.

Health & Wellbeing

This zest to get out more is matched by an impressive commitment to health and wellbeing as the year kicks off. Looking to shake off the grip of Christmas comfort, 82% of all respondents plan to integrate more exercise into their lifestyle. This is consistently above 80% across 16-44s and almost reaching 90% of ABC1s.

This is complemented by a motivation to eat healthier. 89% aiming to nourish their bodies with healthier food choices, reaching over 90% likelihood across 16–44-year-olds and of all females. The commitment to break away from the sweets and chocolate at the dawn of the new year also aligns with Veganuary which our iQ research noted 15% of consumers took part in 2023.

For brands looking to tap into consumer sentiment in 2024, OOH is the attention medium. For more information on how to get your brand noticed and avail of the attention opportunities offered by Outdoor, contact info@pmlgroup.ie


Disney Creates Parallel World in Shanghai

Integrating AR technology with DOOH panels at Shanghai Disney Resort, Disney have created a ‘magic mirror’ escalator experience to promote their Zootopia concert series, bringing the film into the real world.


Leveraging mixed reality to engage audiences in a reactive manner,  tracking technology embedded in the panel detects the silhouettes of people travelling up the escalator to the concert arena, generating an avatar in their shape that mimics the style of movies characters.

By making the audience the centre of an experience and putting them in control of exploration, the installation is able to further connect consumers with the brand story Disney has crafted.

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