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Glenveagh Unlocks Christmas Magic With New Campaign from TBWA

Irish homebuilder Glenveagh has launched a Christmas campaign in support of the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation.

Created by TBWA\Dublin, the campaign refreshes the traditional Santa story with a tale of gift-giving for an increasingly energy-efficient world.

As Glenveagh builds airtight chimneyless homes, the ad addresses the question of how does Santa  visit boys and girls who don’t have chimneys?

Galvanised by this conundrum, TBWA\Dublin undertook qualitative research through its 100Voices research platform to better understand the nature of the perceived problem at hand – noting that many children have begun to connect the dots between a non-existent chimney and Santa’s visit, which planted seeds of doubt that Santa would be able to visit.

One parent mentioned: ‘I even notice now how our kids are starting to talk about it – that one or two of their friends don’t have chimneys and they’re worried about how Santa is going to get into their house’. This research confirmed to the team that the age-old tale is out-of-date, and in need of a revamp for our modern era.

The solution was provided by the introduction of The North Portal, a new magical way for Santa to visit boys and girls. Inspired by the Christmas wreath, The North Portal is a passage for Santa to travel through to visit boys and girls, an update from Santa’s traditional method of visitation. This story, fit for modernised home-building technologies, most importantly widens the narrative to include all children, no matter where they are this Christmas. After all, it’s the Christmas ethos that everyone gets to share in the same magic and excitement of Santa, with no child (or home) left behind.

In keeping with the giving spirit of Christmas, the campaign is running in support of Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation’s Home for Christmas Appeal. The funds raised to help reach their ambitious target of €1 million will continue to provide essential in-home nursing and care for children with highly complex and life-limiting medical conditions and their families throughout the country. Consequently, each and every time The North Portal is opened, Glenveagh is donating €1 to the foundation, with the goal of reaching €50,000. After each activation of The North Portal, children will receive a certificate from Santa himself, as proof of their support for the hundreds of children currently under the care of the foundation, as well as confirmation of their placement on the Nice List that entails a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve.

“It’s been very special to work on TheNorthPortal.ie campaign with the team in TBWA and Jack and Jill Foundation. A magical idea that we hope will add to the wonder of Christmas for parents and children, wherever they spend Christmas this year. Most importantly, we hope that the campaign will drive awareness of and much needed funds for the Jack and Jill Foundation at a very important time of year for the children in their care.” Cameron McDonnell, head of marketing at Glenveagh.

“Glenveagh is ‘home of the new’, but that doesn’t mean we leave traditions behind. This year, using the core brand attribute that Glenveagh’s A-rated homes don’t have chimneys, we wanted to ensure Santa has a way to visit all homes this Christmas. Alongside Glenveagh and many many talented elves, we created The North Portal. A fun, new, interactive Portal that builds upon Christmas family traditions.

All visits to the website contribute to Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation’s Home for Christmas Appeal too, bringing a little more comfort, love and joy to families across Ireland. We’re so proud to be part of this story and to continue making great work with the wonderful team at Glenveagh,.” Adds Leona Smyth, art director, TBWA\Dublin.

“It’s rare that you get to work on a campaign as special as this one. For me, this was down to all the amazing kids that were part of it. This campaign was really brought to life by kids throughout the entire process. From bedtime questions about Santa, in-house focus groups, unofficial brainstorms over family dinners, kids inspired many elements of this campaign. The icing on the Christmas cake was hearing their thoughts (and gasps of amazement) when we finally revealed The North Portal.” Creative Team at TBWA\Dublin.

All campaign assets are live with integration across radio, digital, social, DOOH, OOH, video-led social, display, and PR as well as TheNorthPortal.ie


Client: Glenveagh
Head of Marketing: Cameron McDonnell
Marketing Manager: Martin Clancy
Community Engagement Manager: Annette McGarry
Sarthak Sharma: Marketing Analyst
Alice Squerri: Creative Content Manager
Emma O’Neill : Marketing Co-Ordinator
Megan Ferguson: Community Engagement Executive
Agency: TBWA\Dublin
CEO: Deirdre Waldron
Executive Creative Director: Des Creedon
Head of Account Management: Paula Kelly
Strategy Director: Aleesha Tully
Strategic Planner: Katie Atkinson
Head of Copy: Alan Byrne
Creative Director: Niall Staines
Art Director: Leona Smyth
Senior Copywriter: Clara Traynor
Graphic Designer: Adam McKiernan
Senior Account Director: Niamh McDermott
Senior Account Manager: Katie Corscadden
Senior Account Executive: Liam Schmidt
Account Intern: Tom O’Dwyer
Agency Producers: Ana Baena Sanchez & Adam Sherry
Head of Social: Luke Wilson
Social Strategist: Clare Maunder
Motion Designer: Mark Murray
Head of Studio: David Picquenot
Finished Art: Zoltan Kuti
Sound: Scimitar Sound, Jordan Mullen
Photography: Eoin Holland
Photography Assistant: Mark Sosiak
Set Design: Kat Ballhaus
Retouching: The Orange Apple
Illustration & Animation: The Orange Apple
Bolt! Business Director: Yvonne Caplice
Bolt! Creative Producer: Megan Brady
Bolt! Director/Cinematographer: Matthieu Chardon
Editor & Grade: Matthieu Chardon
Bolt! Creative Assistant Director: Leah Byrne
Bolt! Assistant Producer: Anita Hopkins
Assistant Producer: Zsofi Abel
Gaffer: Mark Sosiak
Runner: Ida Veltges

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