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Thinkhouse Launches New Platform to Help Brands Tap into the Creator Economy

The creative communications agency Thinkhouse has launched a tech-enabled and custom-built platform that enables brands tap into a global network over 7.8m creators, influencers and changemakers around the world.

Called The Love Network 2.0, the new platform is the fruition of 18 months work and a substantial investment by the agency to position itself at the centre of the rapidly growing creator economy which, according to a recent report by Goldman Sachs, is worth around $250bn globally and set to double to $480bn by 2027.

Thinkhouse has predicted that the creator economy in Ireland will also double over the next 10 years.

Donagh Humphreys

“The power of the creator economy is firmly established. Online, it’s fuelling the very growth of social media platforms. Offline, creators are having a profound effect on how brands do business, and how news travels,” says Donagh Humphreys, head of social & digital innovation, Thinkhouse.

“For instance, creator-led brands like PRIME and Chamberlain Coffee are posing strong competition for traditional brands, while TikTok trends are reshaping in-store product sales. Creator economy-powered solutions like TikTok Shop are threatening to disrupt tech platforms like Amazon and advertising revenue with traditional media platforms are predicted to shift downward in favour of endorsement-led, creator economy marketing. The bottom line is, ignore creators at your brand or organisation’s peril,” he adds.

“We’ve trialled The Love Network with our clients in recent months – demonstrating the power of tapping into the creator economy to grow brand love, brand fame and to drive important conversations. Many marketeers remain uncertain about the value of collaborating with creators, concerns that are not uncommon so we believe it’s important that marketing leaders have access to trustworthy expertise, technology and guidance in this area.”

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