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Heineken 0.0 Marks Time with Camden Corner Installation from Talon, Redstar and Publicis

Out of Home media agency Talon, in collaboration with dentsu Redstar and Publicis Dublin, partnered with Heineken 0.0 to bring an innovative and interactive time zone activation to Dublin city.

The recent activation was located at the high footfall and busy Camden Corner on the top of Camden Street and the bespoke installation utilised digital screens at street-level to present passersby with 4 clocks, one of which showed the time in Dublin while the other three were constantly spinning through city names. Once three city names were locked in, the contestants had 15 seconds to guess which city was at 1 o’clock to win a prize.

The competition ran each day between 12:30-2.30pm over the two-week period and a countdown was displayed outside the venue so passers-by know when it’s time to play.

The OOH activation was supported by a wider programmatic campaign that centred on those key consumption moments where consumers can enjoy a drink at lunchtime without the mid-afternoon lull.

“Talon was delighted to work alongside Heineken, Dentsu, Publicis, and Micromedia to help elevate this campaign and bring it to life,” says Eoin Carroll, account manager, Talon.

“The on-street activation was strategically located in Dublin City Centre in an area with high-footfall to reach consumers and get them involved in the conversation. The activation brings together creativity and a shared passion for creating memorable moments. I’m thrilled to have been part of such a great campaign.”

“There is a huge positive movement towards more choice and moderation in Ireland, but we still have a journey to go on, to make Heineken 0.0 a choice for whenever you fancy a beer,” adds Colin Doyle, Heineken Ireland.

“We want to eliminate any sense of the ‘odd one out’ feeling that Irish people may sometimes experience when choosing 0.0 options. Because really, who cares? So, whether it’s on a night out or at lunchtime, the focus should be about what really matters…enjoying good company and having the craic. This special OOH activation focuses on Heineken 0.0 and lunchtime and will liberate Irish consumers socialising, whenever they’re out and on their own terms, zero explanation needed”.

Peter Dobbyn, creative director, Publicis Dublin adds: “For this project, we really wanted to create something surprising that would not only stop people in their tracks but invite participation. We do this with a fun competition that could literally take you from strolling Camden Street to lunching in Madrid. Cheers to that!”

Alenna Schneider, Client Manager at dentsu Redstar said: “There are so many great opportunities with OOH for creating impactful and engaging experiences for our audience. We knew we had to take advantage of what the medium offers to let people know that with Heineken 0.0, there is zero explanation needed to enjoy a pint with your lunch. This was a fantastic team effort with great work from everyone involved,” concludes Alenna Schneider, dentsu Redstar.

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