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TBWA\Dublin Launches New Employee Experience Offering to Clients

Kalle Ryan

TBWA\Dublin has set up a new dedicated employee experience business called INSIDE by TBWA\.

The new business is headed up by Kalle Ryan, a former Google and Meta internal communications executive. Ryan founded and spearheaded Meta’s first ever global internal video communications team, serving as creative director for all episodic content, as well as showrunner
and onscreen host of its flagship interview show The Blast.

Speaking about his new role with INSIDE by TBWA\, Ryan says that “in a world where remote and blended work is increasingly the norm, there is a need for a more thoughtful and innovative approach to the employee experience. Employees want to be informed, of course, but they also want to be inspired and feel a real sense of purpose and belonging. The opportunity for INSIDE by TBWA\ is to deliver that type of fresh employee experience in a more rounded, impactful way that feels authentic and clicks with their creative sensibilities,” he says.

He says that research shows that companies that invest in core internal experiences that promote high employee connection, support, and empowerment, can amplify
their external performance and outperform companies who don’t. “With that in mind, INSIDE by TBWA has a vision to bring a dedicated employee experience offering through carefully crafted strategic communications, cutting-edge creative and industry-leading insights to help clients unlock this growth driver and elevate their business transformation from the inside out.”

Deirdre Waldron, CEO at TBWA\Dublin adds: “Kalle is one of the leading global talents in creative communications – and I’m thrilled to welcome him to the team. He’s a bit of a unicorn in the Irish market, both as a longstanding comms and culture leader at Google & Meta, as well as producing award-winning work in the creative arts. Kalle will create a centre of excellence for the employee experience in Ireland to serve some of Ireland’s biggest brands but also serve the TBWA worldwide collective. Employee experience is a huge growth area and I can’t wait to see where Kalle brings it in 2023 and beyond. Since only one in four companies do employee experience well, this offering – INSIDE by TBWA\ will help our clients unlock this growth driver.”

“I am buzzing to join the award-winning TBWA\Dublin team. Our client list is full of fantastic, future-focused brands and I look forward to helping them grow and become employee experience trailblazers in their industries,” Ryan adds.

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