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Boys+Girls Launch Volunteering Campaign for The Open Community

Boys + Girls has launched its first campaign for The Open Community, the national support organisation for Ireland’s Community Sponsorship Programme for Refugees which is currently being managed by Amnesty International in partnership with Doras, The Irish Red Cross, The Irish Refugee Council, Nasc and UNHCR.

The campaign encourages people to volunteer to help refugees settle into Ireland. Led by a series of celebrities, with the opening campaign from comedian and podcaster Tara Flynn, the campaign highlights the unique idiosyncrasies of Irish Life for those newly arriving in Ireland and the role of our communities in helping to safely navigate them. Topics include the many meanings of ‘Sorry’, a true St Patrick’s day experience and what those mysterious community alert signs actually mean and appears across radio and social.

According to Conor Platt, project coordinator with The Open Community: “Having been involved in the naming and brand creation of The Open Community and been a long term ally of Amnesty International Ireland, there was no other agency who could have done a better job in delivering this campaign for us.”

Kris Clarkin, creative director, Boys + Girls adds: “ That this campaign is important for every reason is not in doubt. Delivering a really positive, inclusive message and tone we believe this work can help showcase the great benefits of Community Sponsorship for everyone in Ireland.”

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