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DMG Media Launches New Website As Gaeilge

DMG Media has launched a new Irish language website called ExtraG.ie.

The new website is an Irish language extension of the publisher’s successful news, entertainment and sport website Extra.ie which reaches over 1.4m unique Irish users every month.

The new project is being headed up Extra.ie editor Garett Murphy and Joe Breathnach, a veteran chief editor at DMG and producer and presenter of “Blas na Cathrach,” the popular radio show.

According to Breathnach: “I am very excited to be part of this project, bringing the latest news, in simple Irish, to those of us who love the language and HATE the grammar. So if you prefer Mo Salah to the Modh Coinníollach, ExtraG.ie is live and updated throughout the day, on your phone, tablet and laptop. A leisurely read as Gaeilge!”

“Our objective with ExtraG.ie is to bring everyday Irish to everyday people. The content will be the stories which are most interesting online to the mass market. We will simply make these stories available in Irish in a relatable and accessible way on your mobile, tablet and desktop. In any language, reading something you want to read is more powerful than reading something you have to read. The delivery won’t be overcomplicated or policed for the minority. Ronaldo will still be Ronaldo, The Late Late Toy Show, likewise. Providing engaging content in Irish for those already fluent is a good thing. Helping more of us use our native tongue with ExtraG.ie will be a great thing,” adds CEO, Paul Henderson.

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