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Increase in OOH Exposure Confirmed in latest TGI Survey

James Byrne, marketing manager, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home.

The release of the ROI TGI 2022 R2 data has verified that people are spending more time out of home while also seeing more OOH. The study confirms that OOH is especially good at reaching elusive young, urban, upmarket audiences.

63.1% of Irish adults recall seeing at least one form of OOH advertising in the past week, rising to 70.2% in Dublin (Index 111), 75.3% of 16-24s (Index 119) and 67.5% of ABs (Index: 108). The combined strength of classic and digital formats in underlined with them coming in at 58.3% and 54.9% respectively.

In terms of who is most exposed to the media (the top OOH Quintile 20%).

  • 8% Dubliners (Index 119)
  • 5% 16-24s (Index 153)
  • 1% ABs (Index 120)

Dubliners spend more time travelling than people outside the capital with 27.5% spending 9 hours or more per week. This rises to 42.6% of 16-24 year old Dubliners (Index: 182).

In terms of best performing environments there’s been a 3% percentage point increase in those exposed to advertising in shopping malls.

The increasing prevalence of QR code adoption as an activation mechanism is evidenced with over a fifth of adults having scanned one from an OOH poster, rising to 28.9% of 16-24s. This is up 3.8% points from the previous wave – a positive trend seen in all responses from store purchases to peer discussion.

The survey also finds that those who are exposed to Out of Home have an improved perception of it, with young urbanites having a very positive opinion of OOH. Taking 16-24 Dubliners as an example:

  • 5% say that well-designed outdoor advertising sites improve the urban landscape.
  • 9% are of the opinion that Out of Home advertising improves their perception of a brand
  • 6% like it when advertising campaigns they see out of my home are interactive/relevant to the environment they are in

The synergy between OOH and online is underlined in terms of upcoming key retail dates. 85.4% of OOH Consumers make purchases for Christmas, with 35% purchasing on Black Friday and 16.4% availing of Cyber Monday offers.

What can go right? New Brand Campaign from Zurich

A new national brand campaign by Zurich emphasises its portfolio of insurance products.

Planned by UM Dublin and PML, the OOH campaign spans Classic and Digital roadside formats including 96 Sheets, 48 Sheets, Bus Shelters, Adshel, Digital Bridge, the Digital Golden Square on Wexford Street, and the 240 Sheet in Terenure.

The campaign calls out ‘We insure for fresh starts, new additions and everything in between.’ It ties in with Zurich’s optimistic view of ‘What can go right?’

Based in Blackrock and Wexford, Zurich is one of Ireland’s leading insurance companies offering a wide range of products including pensions, investments, life insurance, business, farm, car, and home insurance. Zurich has been meeting its customers’ needs in Ireland for over 40 years.

Social Media is a Highly Effective Amplifier of OOH Campaigns

Out of Home (OOH) advertising, in combination with social media, is a powerful vehicle for reaching younger generations, according to a new consumer survey from the States.

Social media users are regularly seeing Out of Home advertising creative in photos across their feeds, confirming that social provides significant organic amplification opportunities for OOH campaigns. According to the OAAA-Harris Poll research, TikTok users lead in reporting that they frequently notice OOH ads while on the platform (82%). Users of Instagram and Facebook are close behind (81% & 80%, respectively), and more than three-quarters of Snapchat and Twitter users also say they often see OOH ads in their feeds (78% & 76%, respectively).

The research also shows that nearly half of social media users (48%) engage with the Out of Home ads that they see in their social feeds by visiting the advertised company’s website. In addition, over a third are inspired to search for the company online, read reviews about their products and service, and/or ask friends and family about the brand.

“It is impressive to see how organically-shared OOH ads on social platforms prompt brand engagement from users,” said Anna Bager, President and CEO, OAAA. “This research underscores the deep connection between great Out of Home creative and social media – a connection that can supercharge a marketer’s OOH investment.”

Millennials in particular report being more likely than other generations to post or re-share Out of Home advertisements on social media platforms. The OAAA/Harris Poll study found that around seven in 10 millennials say they will post such ads across various platforms, with Gen Z and Gen X similarly more likely than not to do the same on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.


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