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Folk and Brennans Bread Targets Returning Tourists in Dublin Airport

With Dublin Airport operating at peak capacity in August, as many Irish people headed overseas this year, Brennans Bread and Folk Wunderman Thompson have rolled out a new campaign in the airport that taps into the joy of returning home to the familiar things.

 The OOH campaign features Brennan’s Bread iconic packaging and quintessentially Irish messages including ‘Don’t Forget the Brennans and Bainne’, ‘A Toast at the end of the Holiday?’ and ‘Today’s Bread Today (with absolutely no delay).

According to Karl Waters, creative partner, Folk Wunderman Thompson: “No matter where you’ve travelled to in the world, there is nothing quite like touching down on home soil and enjoying the home comforts we all enjoy. Brennans tops that list, so we used the iconic branding in the airport to have some fun with this message”.

“For many, this summer break was the first opportunity in quite a while to get on a plane and fly out to somewhere hot and exotic. As exotic as the destinations may have been, the thought of a fresh loaf of Brennans Bread and a lovely cup of tea when you land home are the perfect remedy to leaving the holidays behind. Dublin Airport, as it has done in the past, provides us with the perfect setting to make sure the people of Ireland are welcomed home in the right way this summer,” adds Ivan Hammond, head of marketing, Brennans Bread.

Agency Team

Creative Partner Karl Waters
Creative Team Conor Swanton, Stephen Kelly
Agency Folk Wunderman Thompson
Strategic Planner Eimear Fitzmaurice
Account Team Anne-Marie Healy, Darragh Thompson
Media Agency Mark Hughes, Mindshare


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