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Converge Digital Rolls Out Online Tool to Measure Carbon Footprint of Digital Advertising

Pictured: Ian Maxwell

A new online tool that enables marketers and advertisers measure, reduce and offset the entire end-to-end carbon footprint of their digital advertising has been rolled out by the Dublin-based Converge Digital and Scope3, a business that utilises data, technology and relationships to accurately map and measure the end-to-end emissions of an ad.

“The carbon footprint of the Irish and global advertising industry is significant, so our new tool will help move us all towards positive, more sustainable climate-friendly advertising. Not surprisingly, more and more consumers now want to buy from brands that actually practice sustainability in what they do, and that includes advertising,” says Ian Maxwell, CEO of Converge Digital.

“With the launch of this tool, we are taking the lead in measuring the carbon output of Irish Digital advertising and we hope that other media channels will begin to follow our lead. Delaying or denying is no longer an option. Advertisers need solutions to help them make more informed choices around sustainable advertising so that they can minimise the environmental impact of all their digital marketing and stay on track to achieve their carbon commitments. With the climate in crisis, industry-wide collaboration is our only hope and we have so much more to gain by working together than we ever could alone,” he adds.

According to Maxwell, by tracking and aggregating the carbon emissions created by digital advertising, the tool measures the energy required to fuel the end-to-end supply path of an ad impression. This comprehensive overview enables advertisers and agencies to continually evaluate the Co2 emissions from a media plan so they can reduce and / or offset the entire carbon footprint of their digital advertising campaigns and ultimately work towards decarbonising the global media and advertising industry. The ability to measure carbon emissions data is now a key reporting feature of the Converge Digital platform, a system which connects advertisers and online media publishers by automating the placement of digital advertising and, so, driving significant efficiencies and improvements in campaign effectiveness.

“Converge-Digital and Scope3 are both on a shared journey to decarbonise media and advertising. Through this exciting partnership we hope to make the accurate measurement of carbon easy and actionable for all. There’s no doubt the rise in programmatic trading has revolutionised digital advertising – but it has come at a significant cost to our planet. The path to net zero as an industry will take collaboration from us all. The more we enhance our measurement and align with Greenhouse Gas Standards the greater impact we can have,” says Brian O’Kelley, co-founder and CEO of Scope3.

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