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DMG’s Geek Ireland Sponsors Comic Con 2022


The DMG Media-owned GeekIreland.ie is partnering with Dublin Comic Con in the Convention Centre on August 6th and 7th.

The website which covers a range of topics including technology, science, gaming, comics, film and TV and has become the leading Irish online source for everything to do with “geek cultiure.”

Dublin Comic Con hosts two events per year in March and August and they have grown in size since they were first launched with over 22,000 people attending the two day event in 2019.

This year’s event will see leading figures and celebrities The Boys’ Dominique McElligott,  Charles Martinet, Fantastic Beasts star Dan Fogler, The Lord of the Rings’ Craig Parker, Spartacus’ Nick Tarabay, The Guild’s, Felicia Day, Red Dead Redemption 2 star, Mick Mellamphy and Robocop star Peter Weller. Comic guests include Declan Shalvey, Scott Snyder, Stephen Mooney, Paul Bolger, Barry Devlin, Dee Cunniffe, Sean Izaakse, and Brian Azzarello.

Geek Ireland will be hosting guest Q&As in the main auditorium over the course of the two days, but visitors can also check out the fan panels in the Geek Ireland Panel Room.

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