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Motherland Unites as Levingstone and McCaffery Join the Business

Pictured: Anthony McCaffery, Mags Levingstone, Steve Courtney and Ross Killeen

Motherland and Event Junkies have merged their businesses to create a “hybrid production company” according to CEO Ross Killeen.

The two multi-award-winning production companies announced will operate under the Motherland brand which will offer production and post-production services as well as the creation of film, commercials, online content and music videos.

“We are now a hybrid production company. We’ve taken two very different entities and combined them to create a single company that focuses on creativity no matter the platform,” says Ross Killeen, CEO of Motherland and founder of both companies.

“We’re bringing all our experience in the content world and combining it with the commercial and film nous of Motherland. We’re talent driven and have always had craft at the heart of everything we do. We’ve seen the changes in our industry over the past few years so we wanted to adapt and build a company which is as agile as it is creative. To fully embrace this evolution we needed to refresh our brand as it really felt like we were bringing something new to the market.”

The merger of the two business follows on from the recent appointment of Mags Levingstone and Anthony McCaffery to the roles of head of production and head of post-production respectively.

Levingstone joins from Rothco, part of Accenture Song, where she was head of production for eight years.  “I’m excited at the opportunity. When I met the guys I knew they were different. Craft, creativity and culture are at the core of everything Motherland does; coupled with a really ambitious and disruptive vision for the future of production,” she says.

With over 20 years of experience, working with some of the top post houses in the world, including The Mill, RayGun, Untold Studios and Brown Bag McCaffery will  head up the post-production team, managing and evolving the entire post production arm of Motherland.

“We are a production company with a fully integrated post team. This allows us to support the Director and client the whole way through a project. We’re uniquely placed to have an overview of the full scope of a project and its many deliverables. We treat every platform as part of the core creative rather than an afterthought,” he says.


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