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TBWA Dublin Launches New Production Unit Called Bolt

TBWA\Dublin has launched a new in-house production company called Bolt by TBWA\Dublin.

The cutting-edge studio will offer a range of production services from film and photography to digital content and post-production solutions.

The new production unit joins a 13-strong network of other Bolt studios in places like Hong Kong, Sydney and Amsterdam and more.

Yvonne Caplice, business director of TBWA\Dublin will lead the development of the new business while director Matthieu Chardon has joined as head of studio.

“Our goal here is to create a bridge between the agency and the external production world, with Bolt as an agile pivot. Over the past few months, we have been proudly producing work alongside the best gaffers, assistant cameras, set designers, food stylists and partner production companies that Ireland has to offer. It is a new way to work, and TBWA\Dublin is at the forefront of this,” says Chardon.

“My vision for Bolt was to create a versatile collaborative studio space that embraces The Kodak Building’s 1930s Art Deco architecture. The plan was to make it a ‘dream studio’ with movable and interchangeable handmade modules and cutting-edge lighting equipment to create seamless photography and video content,” he adds.


Other new hires to join Bolt include studio assistant and videographer, Leah Byrne and Megan Brady who has joined as in-house producer.

“My role as business director of Bolt will be to launch, manage and develop the brand but more importantly for me, my role will also focus on bringing our award-winning filmmaking talent together with the existing agency talent to create fast and efficient content for our clients. The success of Bolt will be driven by partnering with our agency teams, creative leaders, clients, network colleagues, freelancer partners and production alliances to produce outstanding work,” says Yvonne Caplice.

“In launching BOLT we’re responding to our client’s growing and ever-changing production needs and requirements,” says Deirdre Waldron, CEO of TBWA\Dublin.

“With the exceptional talent of Matthieu in the director’s chair and Yvonne leading growth of this new offering, we’re extremely excited about the busy year ahead for in-house productions in our new studio. In addition, through BOLT’s worldwide affiliates, we will have access to a global network of filmmakers to enhance and facilitate our client’s international needs also,” she says.

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