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Out \ Look : The Latest OOH Trends & Developments

Consumer sentiment improves: James Byrne, marketing manager PML Group, with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home.

 How are the challenges of an enduring pandemic journey shifting our priorities?

Deloitte’s Global State of the Consumer Tracker regularly polls 40,000 individuals across 18 countries (including 1,000 Irish respondents), capturing a continual snapshot of worldwide consumer sentiment.

Compared to 12 months ago, Irish people feel more introspective, and focused on personal change, well-being, and purpose. While they feel their daily lives have become more home-centric, most are seeking in-person interaction and experiences, but also signalling a clear need to rebuild social trust.

Rather than working harder to get ahead, people are more likely to feel they’re making more time to enjoy the present. With less of a focus around working harder and earning more, however, people are prioritising saving rather than spending their money to enjoy today. The lean toward saving (versus spending) is likely compounded by the financial challenges many faced over the past two years and could create headwinds for the post-pandemic economy.

Retail and recreation: How have the number of visitors change since the beginning of the pandemic?

We can get some insights on this from the data that Google presents in its COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports. Using anonymized data provided by apps such as Google Maps, the company has produced a regularly updated dataset that shows how peoples’ movements have evolved over the course of the last two years.

This data shows how the number of visitors to places of retail and recreation in Ireland has changed relative to the period before the pandemic. This includes places like restaurants, cafés, shopping centres, museums, libraries, and cinemas. This index is smoothed to the rolling 7-day average and in approaching baseline at just -3% from -20% or below at the start of 2022. As we found in our recent Mall Scene report, consumers are increasingly taking full advantage of both the retail and leisure amenities that shopping centres have to offer.

Avonmore Super Milk Special:

With the Summer holidays on the horizon, Glanbia are running an Avonmore promotion to win a Delphi Resort family adventure break. The competition runs for 6 weeks and a 48 Sheet special in Dundrum is helping build intrigue. The creative stands out with 3D lettering while using special lighting to draw attention to the build.

According to our Special Effects research, 84% of all adults agree that specials are more noticeable than standard poster ads, while 70% believe specials make a brand seem exciting. Outdoor advertising is not restricted to the confines of the poster frame and the Avonmore campaign is a great example of this. The special build production complements the classic element of the campaign while creating something exciting and unique.

The OOH campaign also encompasses poster and digital 6s across roadside and retail environments, with formats including Bus Shelters, Purchase Points, iVisions and Tesco Live.

Commenting on the campaign, Linda Sheehan, marketing manager, Glanbia said: “We were thrilled with the result of the 48 Sheet special for our Avonmore Super Milk Win a Family Adventure break promotion. The 3D effect and lighted elements really added the wow factor to our promotion and created impact and talk-ability for the campaign for us.”

The campaign was planned by Carat and PML Group.

Planet OOH

Realising its own contribution to the litter issue in Norway, McDonald’s has launched a campaign which highlights the ugly side to its famous packaging and encourages its take-away customers to use bins it is providing.

The restaurant chain has begun to seek solutions to its littering issues, which its branding is all over. Promoting the message “Take away your takeaway,” the campaign appears on Out of Home displays, which have been installed alongside bins branded with the McDonald’s arches. The yellow “M” features as a marker on top of the bins to indicate their use.


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