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3D Forum Launches to Help Marketers with Direct, Digital and Data

A new marketing initiative, called the 3D Forum, has been set up as a platform to invite marketers to talk and share their ideas and views about the growing opportunities in direct, data and digital marketing space.

3D Forum also aims to provide a voice for new and important talking points by promoting a series of online and offline events addressing industry topics.

The initiative is being driven by a number of well-known and award-winning marketing industry veterans including Peter Whelehan of DMCM; David O’Sullivan of Ignition; Dave Furney, PCG Media Group and Lorcan Lynch, DataXcel.

The 3D Forum’s first event will be broadcast on LinkedIn and Twitter next Thursday, February 24 at 12.30pm and it will be presented by Alex Gibson. The discussion will focus on the opportunities around the 3Ds of digital, direct marketing and the key element linking both channels, data.

“The 3D Forum sees Data as the building block for delivering higher returns on marketing spend and brands getting far more from their data by integrating direct and digital Marketing, as a distinct, measurable revenue stream,” says Peter Whelehan. “We’re keen to discuss this and encourage younger marketing professionals in particular, to exploit this career-advancing opportunity,” he adds.

According to the organisers, the show will also examine the ‘bottom line revenue opportunities’ for brands and agencies to reverse the impact of Covid, reduce the gap it put between them and their customers and build sales using direct and digital integration to develop valuable repeat business.

“With more customers ordering online, there’s a clear opportunity to use that same data for tactical offline direct marketing promotions, below your competitors’ radar, where for example, customers receive a product sample, loyalty discount, or exclusive offer as a ‘surprise and delight’ follow-up in the post. It creates the cycle of brands get sales, customers get savings,” says David O’Sullivan of Ignition.

Dave Furney of PCG Media Group sees the benefit to brands as: “A tactile interactive opportunity, with the physical brand extending itself to the consumer and joining their online world experience with their real, physical world, just by integrating this data offline in a smart way.”

For agencies, brands or businesses looking to data for an edge over competitors, Lorcan Lynch of DataXcel says “the additional creative skill set and contribution to sales revenue that integrating digital and direct marketing through data offers, provides a significant competitive advantage.”

To join the 3D Forum go to LinkedIn and search for 3D Forum under LinkedIn groups or just click HERE


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