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New AdTech Platform Admatic Officially Launched in Irish Market

A new Irish AdTech platform that allows advertisers buy their advertising and media directly with media owners has been officially launched.

Admatic has been in development for over a year and entered the Beta-testing phase in Q4 of 2021 during which it had extensive engagement with the wider media industry.

The company was founded by former advertising agency boss Stuart Fogarty, a former CEO of AFA O’Meara and McConnells  and one of the co-founders of Core Media. It is also being backed by a number of investors, including Fogarty.

“Advertisers can buy and book their radio, press, TV, outdoor, digital, sponsorship and online advertising instantly and automatically, at reduced direct pricing,” says Fogarty.

While the platform is currently offering just Irish media, Fogarty says that international media titles, including those in the UK and USA, will be added over time.

“Advertisers can manage all of their advertising in one dashboard too, saving money and creating the opportunity to have all of their advertising managed in one place,” he says.

While media buying sits at the heart of the service offering, Admatic also offers other services including  copy clearance and dispatch as well as creative expertise.

“Self-Op and self-serve platforms have been available for social media advertising, but never before, for all media,” Fogarty says.  “The AdTech revolution is changing the world of advertising,” he adds.

“Having been in the ad business a long time, you can easily see the way it’s dramatically changing and self-op and self-serve ad platforms are the new wave. We’ve been building this for over a year and following Beta testing in Q4 we are delighted to be fully live now,” adds.

Update/Correction: In an earlier version of this story we inadvertently said that Admatic was the first Irish AdTech company in the market. We now accept that this is not the case and that Buymedia has been operational since 2017. We are happy to point this out.

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