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Rothco Rolls Out AIB Campaign that Showcases its Digital Offerings

Rothco, part of Accenture Interactive, has launched a new campaign for AIB that showcases the bank’s digital banking services.

According to the bank, it’s understanding of how its customers live their lives has been the driver behind every digitisation it has made to date and which is why Rothco developed a campaign about living instead of banking.

Tasked with bringing AIB’s entire digital offering together in one brand campaign – from app features to Ireland’s first digital mortgage journey and more, Rothco thought about one thing that unites every digital innovation across AIB, and that is the concept that “humanity comes before technology.”

The ad is running across TV, VOD, OOH, radio, Digital social and on AIB’s social channels. In addition to the 40” film Rothco created a 30” film and a photography suite.

According to Ray Swan, creative director, Rothco:  “We’re really excited to launch this campaign for AIB. They are an innovative, forward-thinking organisation, but really what sets them apart is that they put the customer at the centre of everything they create and every time they innovate. The digital products and services they offer seamlessly weave their way into the customer’s life, so it doesn’t really feel like banking anymore, it just feels like getting on with your life.”

Created in one epic shot that travels through a row of busy Irish homes, the 40” TVC spot conveys the idea that AIB’s technology weaves its way into the fabric of its customers’ lives in an intuitive and seamless way. The smooth and dynamic technique shows how people can live and bank unobtrusively, emulating the seamlessness of digital while keeping humanity at its core.


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