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Cross-Atlantic Idea from Connelly Partners Dublin goes live in 30 US Markets

A creative idea concepted in Connelly Partners’ Dublin office has gone live across 30 U.S. markets for Mattress Firm, a 90 year old heritage brand in the U.S. with 2,400 locations.

Disposable masks can take up to 450 years to decompose in the ocean. And due to careless disposal (littering, flushing, etc.), soon there could be more masks in the ocean than jellyfish.

Mattress Firm is in the business of helping people get a good night’s sleep – and believes we can all sleep better by doing our part to keep rubbish and disposable masks out of the oceans. All it takes is 4.5 seconds to dispose of your mask properly in the bin. It’s that simple.

The new campaign raises awareness and encourages people to pledge to dispose of their disposable masks properly to protect our oceans. Concepted by Connelly Partners Dublin and brought to life by a cross-agency, cross-Atlantic team between the agency’s Dublin and Boston offices.

The campaign kicks off with the video spot airing on TV in 30 U.S. markets.

Consumers are also encouraged to visit https://www.sleep.com/jellyfish to learn more and take the pledge to dispose of their masks properly in the bin by sharing photos and videos via social media using #JelliesNotJunk.

The campaign will run on TV, social channel & landing page.


Agency: Connelly Partners Dublin

Creative Director: Ronan Doyle

Strategy Director: Mary McMahon

Retouching: Jeff Bennett, Graphic Arcade

Connelly Partners Boston:

Senior Project Manager/Producer: Janet Cuttle

Copywriter: Stan Conway

Production: Barry Frechette

Production: Lauren Lukacsko

Media: Michelle Capasso

PR & Social: Alyssa Stevens

PR: Claire Eisenberg


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