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Sponsors Wanted for Irish Team in Gruelling Trans-Atlantic Bid

Two Irish rowing teams made up of members of the Defence Forces and a number of entrepreneurs and adventurers are seeking sponsorship for their gruelling mission to row the Atlantic Ocean in December 2022.

The two Irish teams have named themselves “Row Hard or go Home” and the challenge is a premium event in ocean rowing and typically takes 35-40 days for the top rowers to complete.

The group of competitive friends includes Gearóid Ó Briain, Oisín McGrath, Eugene Mohan, Frank Mohan, Diarmuid Ó Briain, Shane Culleton, Dan Buckley and Derek McMullen.

According to Oisin McGrath, Commandant in the Irish Air Corps and participant in Row Hard or go Home: “We are always setting challenges where we can compete against one another, however, the Atlantic Ocean is a little more extreme than we are used to but we can’t wait to race across the ocean to settle the score for good!”

The teams are currently training to prepare themselves as much as possible for rowing for 12+ hours per day and the other obstacles they’ll face, such as exposure to the sun and wind, dehydration, seasickness, drastic weather conditions, inability to consume enough calories and worst of all the mental challenges that will require a great deal of stamina to overcome.

With the countdown to the gruelling event already underway, the team has launched its sponsorship programme and will entertain offers to sponsor everything from the boat, to the safety equipment and the food.

“We want to talk to sponsors who believe in dreaming big and supporting average people making a difference in the world,” says one team member.

For more information please visit: https://www.rowhardorgohome.com/

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