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ASAI Upholds 28 Complaints About Advertisers and Brands

Pictured: Orla Twomey, chief executive of the ASAI

Molloys Pharmacy, Enerco Energy, Paddy Power, eir, Red Bull, Lee Valley Ireland and Boyle Sports are just some of the brands that fell foul of the ASAI’s complaints committee according to the latest Complaints Bulletin.

A total of 28 out of the 32 advertisements and marketing communications, which the complaints committee investigated, were found to have been in breach of the ASAI codes.  The advertisements and marketing communications complained of related to online, email, social media, a blogger’s own social media page, a leaflet, a radio station, a Sunday newspaper and a company website.

Intra-industry complaints – where complainants take issue with a competitors marketing communications and advertising – saw complaints about brands like Lidl,  Aldi, Vodafone, eir, Boyle Sports and Paddy Power being upheld.

“The latest complaints bulletin from the ASAI illustrates our ability to handle complaints across a variety of platforms and demonstrates how we ensure that ads in Ireland stick to the advertising rules,” says Orla Twomey, chief executive of the ASAI.

“The main role of advertising self-regulatory organisations (SROs), such as the ASAI, is to ensure that ads and other marketing communications are legal, truthful, decent and honest, prepared with a sense of social responsibility to the consumer and society and with proper respect for the principles of fair competition,” she adds.

“The ASAI is committed to protecting society in relation to advertising across all mediums. Self-regulatory ad standards provide an additional layer of consumer protection which complements legislative controls and offers an easily accessible means of resolving disputes.”

According to Professor Bairbre Redmond, independent head of the complaints committee of the ASAI, adds: “Over the past few years, the Complaints Committee, comprised of independent and industry members, has dealt with a broad range of complaints. The Complaints Committee has also spent considerable time highlighting awareness, through its adjudications, to advertising best practice within the advertising industry, ensuring all relevant parties are equipped with the knowledge and resources to correctly identify commercial marketing content across their platforms.”


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