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Rory Sutherland to Deliver MII’s Next CMO Masterclass

Rory Sutherland, one of the leading figures in the international marketing and advertising world will deliver the next CMO Masterclass for the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

The CMO Masterclass will take place on June 9th and Sutherland, who is vice chairman of Ogilvy UK, will talk about behavioural economics and how it can unlock valuable insights into how people make decisions, what drives their behaviours and how to influence them.

As part of his masterclass, Sutherland will talk about brands like Zoom, Red Bull, Uber, Nespresso and explain why they have been so successful when, in some cases, there was no actual market for them.

“My contention is that all of them to some degree owe their billion-dollar valuations to the discovery – whether intentional or accidental – of social and psychological needs, or perceptual quirks in psychology, which economics and MBA theories will never tell you,” says Sutherland.

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