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An Post’s Programmatic Direct Mail Launches Next Tuesday

An Post Commerce is launching its a new Programmatic Direct Mail offering next Tuesday, March 23rd at 12pm at a special online event which will be of particular interest to media agencies that want to integrate this new media into their client’s e-commerce marketing strategies.

Combining digital touchpoints with the power of Direct Mail, An Post Commerce’s new technology identifies in-market customer’s online behaviour at a critical point in the purchase journey. Based on their browsing history, a retargeted, personalised direct mail is then triggered and sent to them when they fall out of the sales-funnel. This, in turn, encourages the customer to complete the conversion while it increases the efficiency of media budgets through minimised wastage and maximised sales.

“The past year has given us time to reflect on the changing consumer landscape.  Many of us are spending more time than ever at home, our new HQ. This poses a challenge for e-commerce brands, with less footfall to bricks and mortar stores and a shift to online buying, how can I cut through the digital noise and ensure my brand comes out on top with my customers?” says Jan Keating, Product and Digital Lead, An Post Commerce.

“Customers are moving even further into the online world. And while digital media can be super effective to reach them, in today’s climate, customers are missing a touch of the real world. Unlike email, social or online display re-targeting, Direct Mail is not a heavily saturated channel and it is the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their customer in a highly personalised, unexpected way,” she adds.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone to our Direct Mail 2.0 event on March 23rd, for a not to be missed showcase of these market leading innovations that will bring you closer to your clients and the critical purchase moment.” says Eibhin Eviston, Business Development Lead, An Post Commerce

Further details about Programmatic Direct Mail and how it can benefit agencies and their clients will be shared at the online event which will take place on Tuesday, March 23rd at 12pm hosted by Jan Keating and Eibhin Eviston who will be discussing the new media and answering questions. To attend the event, click HERE

 Case Study: iClothing

iClothing is one of the fastest growing online fashion retailers in Ireland, offering a wide range of fashionable and stylish clothing and shoes for women, men and children.

Founded by Abass Bari, the online retailer has worked closely with An Post Commerce to test the effectiveness of Programmatic Direct Mail.

“It was important to first identify the best strategy to meet iClothing’s objectives and support the business. Abandoned baskets and incentivised next purchases were identified as the key areas to target. We used Programmatic Direct Mail to see if we could drive incremental value by integrating a Direct Mail follow up into the customer journey as a sales support,” says Jan Keating.

“We integrated technology onto iClothing’s site that would enable the identification of abandoned baskets, the customers address, the products browsed and product recommendations based on other items the customer might be interested in to encourage purchase on a second or third occasion,” she adds.

“The results were second to none. Amongst all forms of retargeting used, Programmatic DM generated the highest click through and conversion rates and also the lowest bounce rates,” she says.

The final results showed that 20% of mailed customer baskets were recovered while mailed customers spent 40% longer on-site and browsed 30% more product pages. Overall, there was a 500% campaign return on investment which is continually increasing due to ongoing optimisation,” says Jan.

“The abandoned basket strategy successfully created incremental sales despite the challenging times the recent pandemic has brought to the business and our customers,” says Abass Bari.

“The incremental basket recovery rate was far better than what I had anticipated. More importantly the combination of re-targeting items that the customers had recently abandoned combined with automated product recommendations really helped grow further basket value and increase sales,” he says.

The new Programmatic Direct offering will be launched on Tuesday, March 23. To hear from the experts live in studio as the team from An Post Commerce discusses this new digital media that will transform the e-commerce journey click HERE

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